2.8 inch Touch Screen for Pi zero

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2.8 inch Touch Screen for Pi zero W
2.8 inch Touch Screen for Pi zero W
2.8 inch Touch Screen for Pi zero W
New 2.8 inch Touch Screen for Pi zero W


Fastest 2.8 inch Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi Zero /W and Raspberry pi 3 model b+ /3B/2B/B+/CM3 etc,Super HD 640x480 Resolution,60+ fps

Perfect fit your Pi zero/ zero w, PORTABLE MONITOR

Customized circuit board for 2.8-inch

High speed Raspberry Pi screen

Working Current: 100 mA

Notice: Not including Raspberry Pi zero / Pi zero W board

In fact, this screen fits to Raspberry Pi 3B/2B/B+; but you must use the bread cables to connect them, because it's male pins on the this screen, and it's male pins on the pi 3B also;

Use Guide

Github project: https://github.com/tianyoujian/MZDPI

Setup screen via script (Recommend)

We release the shell script to modify the dtb file, so if you can't found the 'bcm2710-rpi-3-b-plus.dtb' inthe 'Mzdpi-vga-4.9.x.zip', please try to run the 'dtb-op' shell; (File:Mzdpi-vga-autoinstall-online.zip, download & unzip it)

wget http://raspberrypiwiki.com/download/rpi-2.8-inch-lcd-a/mzdpi-vga-autoinstall-online.sh
chmod +x mzdpi-vga-autoinstall-online.sh
sodu ./mzdpi-vga-autoinstall-online.sh

You only run the script to setup the screen.

Or you can refer to github: https://github.com/tianyoujian/MZDPI

For linux kernel 4.9 (old)

Download File:Mzdpi-vga-4.9.x.zip, and unzip it;

Copy the mzdpi.dtbo to the directory /boot/overlays, and copy the the other files to directory /boot;

then restart the raspberry pi;

Note: We only test the screen on Raspbian OS and Retropie now;

How to check the kernel version?

uname -a

For linux kernel4.4 or Earlier (old)

Which GPIO Pins are Occupied by this screen? Please refer to here: File:PI ZERO W LCD PIN.ZIP



For New Version

What is the purpose of the NEW 2.8 inch display pins VBAT, AUX (with jumper), PWM and left-side pins ?

1.VBAT and AUX are the ADC inputs of the XPT2046 and can be used to measure voltage. The XPT2046 is a touch control chip.

2.The PWM pin is the control pin of the backlight. The brightness of the PMW signal can be adjusted externally.

3.The left-side pins (on New Version B photo) is no use.

New 2.8 inch screen information.jpg

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