LHT00SU1 Virtual Oscilloscope SKU:412961

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LHT00SU1 Virtual Oscilloscope sku:412961
LHT00SU1 Virtual Oscilloscope sku:412961
LHT00SU1 Virtual Oscilloscope sku:412961


  • Dual input oscilloscope (single, 16Msps, 3MHz bandwidth)
  • 8-channel logic analyzer
  • Data Logger
  • Dual channel voltmeter
  • Mixed signal oscilloscopes and logic analyzer
  • Frequency meter
  • Remote controller
  • PWM controller
  • Frequency generator
  • I2C controller
  • Pulse / edge counter
  • 8 digital channel + 1 analog channel logic analyzer, support for multiple protocols

Analog parameters

  • Number of input channels: 2 channel
  • Sampling channel: 1 channel
  • The maximum sampling frequency: 16MHz
  • The maximum analog bandwidth: 3MHz
  • Input voltage range: -10V to + 10V
  • Sensitivity: 78mV
  • Maximum vertical resolution: 256 level

Digital parameters

  • Number of channels: 8
  • Input voltage: 0V-5.3V
  • Input Low level: <0.8V
  • Input high level: >1.4V
  • Supported protocols: SPI, IIC, UART, SMBus, I2S, CAN, Parallel, Custom, Search, Async, 1-Wite, PS / 2

The communication interface parameters:

USB parameters: USB2.0 high-speed 480Mbps

System requirements

  • Supported operating systems Win2000 / XP / Vista / WIN7 (32bit)
  • Celeron 4 2.0G or Pentium 4 1.8G higher processor
  • Need USB2.0 high speed interface, does not support full speed USB2.0 or USB1.1
  • Memory Requirements 128M or more
  • Need 2G or more hard disk
  • You need to install Framework 3.5 SP1

Note: If your system is WINDOWS XP, please check whether your computer has ".NET 3.5 SP1" this component, if not, go to the Microsoft website to download and install.

Driver Download

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