RPI Lithium Battery Expansion Board SKU:435230

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Raspberry Pi Lithium Battery Expansion Board sku:435230
Raspberry Pi Lithium Battery Expansion Board sku:435230
Raspberry Pi Lithium Battery Expansion Board sku:435230
Raspberry Pi Lithium Battery Expansion Board sku:435230
Raspberry Pi Lithium Battery Expansion Board sku:435230


Lithium Battery PowerPack V1.0 Used for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B / Pi 2B / B+ and Cellphone


  • Battery capacity: 3800mAh
  • Maximum output current: 1.8A
  • Output voltage: 5.1V ± 0.1V
  • Standard charging current / voltage: 1.0A/5.0V
  • It's convenient to power on / off raspberry pi via battery swith;
  • It can last about 9 hours if only pi 3.
  • The Lithium battery expansion board can be also used on cellphone.

Note: You can still charge this battery even if the switch is turn off;

Working principle

  • The working PMU (Power Manage Unit)can be only worked for charging mode or step-up mode at the same time.
  • If the USB-A interface without any external load (like Pi), with 5V input voltage of MicroUSB, then the PMU enter charging mode. The PMU will integrate a current-limiting resistor with the external voltage, 5V voltage for Lithium battery, around 4.6V-4.7V voltage for USB-A interface.(The "ON" LED lights )
  • The PMU would enter step-up mode without external 5V voltage. Under this circumstance, turn on the switch, USB-A interface can output maxmum 5V voltage, two USB-A interface can maxmum output 1.8A current. The PMU itself has current-limiting protection. it will be short circuit when over 1.9A current.

Packing List

  • 1 x Lithium Battery Expansion Board


Q1.How long can this powerpack work for RPI 3B?

Answer: We test 6 kinds of collocations (RPI 3 with various of lcd scerrn) according to different configuration.


Here comes the result:

Collocation First time Second time Third time Remark
RPI 3B Board 557min 575min 599min Timing statistics have been run in the background, it lasts around 9 hours
RPI 3B + 2.2 inch lcd 490min 448min 477min 2.2 inch lcd is more electricity-saving, it lasts more than 7 hours
RPI 3B + 3,5 inch lcd 404min 361min 391min For 3.5 inch lcd, it has larger size screen, could last 6 hours
RPI 3B + 5 inch lcd 224min 255min 278min HDMI 5 inch lcd can last around 3.5 hours
PRI 3B + Waveshare 7 inch lcd 176min 162min 183min For 7 inch lcd, large current consumption on Backlit, can last 2.5 hours
RPI 3B + Official 7 inch lcd 355min 363min 347min Official 7 inch DSI lcd is better in consumption design

Q2. How to know whether the board is in charge or full of charge?

Answer: It depends on the Charge LED. When red LED lights, it means PMU' s charging for battery. While it means PMU' d already powered up to 95% for battery when the LED off. It can be 100% full after one more hour.

Q3.How long does the powerpack need to be charged?

Answer: Based on the different current of 5V voltage MicroUSB interface, we advice you could refer to parameter of 5V 1A to charge it. It' s still ok with 5V 0.5A or 5V 2.5A. When use the parameter of 5V 1A to charge, it needs around 3 hours.

Q4. Can users replace the Lithiunm Battery by his own?

Answer: Of course they can. One thing to mention, the replaced monolithic must be 3.7V, you can replace your needed capacity, like 5000-10000maH. It' s direct ratio between capacity and volume(PS: The replaced Battery Polarity must be same as the original one, or it' ll destory PMU)

Q5. Can it realize long-lasting via parallel connection or series connection?

Answer: Our product could be parallel connection under certain circumstance. Because the PMU can only manage step-up and charge with standard 3.7V(4.2V when full) monolithic.(Parallel monolithic must be resistance balance)


Q6. Can it power for RPI 3B when being chagred at the meantime?

Answer: It can not do that in principle. But the charging PMU can output 4.6v-4.7v voltage to USB-A interface, so that can power for RPI 3B. Under this circumstance, the PMU is in charge mode. It can' t be used if you power for Pi 3 and the other TFT LCD or else. Only power for Pi 3 in the case of using SSH and the other remote control.

Q7: What if CHG red LED flash, and the PMU fail to enter charge mode?

Answer: The solution is to remove the output cable of USB-A. Make it non-load and put the switch to "OFF". Then input 5v voltage voltage, the PMU enter charge mode, and red LED last lightning.