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raspberry pi ups hat 2 - front
raspberry pi ups hat 2 - back
raspberry pi ups hat 2 size
raspberry pi ups hat 2 with battery
raspberry pi ups hat 2 with battery
raspberry pi ups hat 2 PCB Layout


After more than 2 years, we update and release ups 2 based on UPS1


  • Raspberry Pi standard HAT size, all components under the PCB board, and the use of 5mm high female socket, can reduce the thickness of the expansion board, easy to put into the shell. You can use the header to increase the height.
  • Equipped with a custom long header (This is optional accessories)
  • Supports dual power supply of TYPE-C and Mirco USB.
  • Type-C power supply interface is compatible with a variety of fast charge standard DP2.0/QC3.0/QC2.0 (5V/3A), charging current is 1A ~ 3A configurable (default is 2A, short-circuit solder joint up to 3A)
  • Up to maximum 3A current output;
  • Long press power button 2 seconds to power on / off
  • With 4 LED power indicator (short press power button to view battery capacity)
  • Supports AUTO POWER ON function (need to select the AUTO UPS switch to ON)
  • Use TI battery monitoring IC with patented Impedance Track algorithm
  • Support I2C communication to read battery capacity, voltage, charge status and battery life (please refer to
  • With charge and discharge protection and overheat protection

Packing List

  • 1 x UPS HAT 2 Board


Please refer to github:

## Enable I2C in raspi-config
sudo raspi-config  
-Interfacing Options  

## Run setup  
    chmod +x ./  
    sudo ./  
    ┌─────────────────┤ GEEKWORM WORKSHOP UPS2 ├──────────────┐
    │ Select the appropriate options:                                                          │
    │                                                                                          │
    │                1 Select Poweroff GPIO(#6 OR #13)                                         │
    │                2 Enable Poweroff function                                                │
    │                3 Disable Poweroff function                                               │
    │                4 Exit                                                                    │
    │                                                                                          │
    │                                                                                          │
    │                                                                                          │
    │                                                                                          │
    │                          <Ok>                                                            │
    │                                                                                          │
    Option 1: Select poweroff GPIO  
    Option 2: Enable Poweroff function  
    Option 3: Disable Poweroff function  
    Option 4: Exit  
## View battery Info  
    #edit and modify battery capacity  
    #.Change 2500 to your battery capacity (mAh)  
    MY_BATTERY_CAP = 2500  

Some documents:


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Anonymous user #3

17 hours 33 minutes ago
Score 0++

Hi. There is an error on the "raspberry pi ups hat 2 size" picture. I believe we should read 5.6 cm instead of 5.1 cm.

What's the height of the board (each side and total)?

Anonymous user #2

one day 6 hours ago
Score 0++
Is there a way to hack it to support LiFePO batteries?

Anonymous user #1

6 days ago
Score 0++
You might provide some dimensions for the board?


2 days ago
Score 0++

Hi, We have updated the PCB layout, please refer to: